Joining Paradigm

Jan 09, 2019 | Dan Robinson

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Paradigm as a Research Partner, to help Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and Charlie Noyes build a new kind of investment firm.

I’ve always hoped I would get a chance to work alongside Matt, who has been one of my closest friends for almost twenty years, and who first introduced me to Bitcoin six years ago. But I’m equally thrilled to be joining Fred, who has already had a legendary impact on this small industry, and Charlie, one of the sharpest people I’ve ever met.

Another thing that drew me to this opportunity is Paradigm’s long-term perspective, and their commitment to pushing the entire industry forward by investing in basic research. In addition to helping Matt, Fred, and Charlie think about investments, an explicit part of my role will be contributing to research and development on open-source protocols and projects.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Plasma, Interledger, Ivy, and Stellar, as well as getting to explore other areas more deeply, including decentralized finance, proof-of-stake consensus, and zero-knowledge proofs. If you’re working on something interesting, please reach out to me at!

I have been blessed to have worked with some extraordinary people at Chain and Interstellar over the past 2.5 years and am beyond grateful for the opportunities Adam Ludwin and Jed McCaleb have given me to work on transformative and cutting-edge projects. Adam, and the company he built, changed my life, and taught me countless lessons that I hope to carry forward.

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