Joining Paradigm

Oct 11, 2021 | Matt Mizbani

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m joining Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and the rest of the Paradigm team in their mission to build a world-class cryptocurrency investment firm.

Over the last three years, I’ve cut my teeth in traditional finance across roles at Coatue Management, Two Sigma, and Morgan Stanley. But leaving TradFi for crypto is a homecoming as much as it is a departure. My first introduction to Bitcoin was in 2014—before I entered finance. My first protocol investment was in 2017, and my first crypto venture investment was in 2018. Beyond investing, crypto has persisted as the most fascinating innovation I've encountered. I’m thrilled to finally have the opportunity to think about crypto full-time alongside such a vibrant team and community.

I’m coming to Paradigm from a perch where I observed, helped to invest in, and supported late-stage private companies. At Morgan Stanley, I worked with Web 2.0 and SaaS companies like Loom, Figma, Stripe, and Snowflake; and at Coatue with companies like Fireblocks, Bitso, and OpenSea. As teams building in crypto continue to grow and mature, I hope to use what I've learned from these success stories to support crypto companies through their next phases of growth. I strongly believe that crypto is still extremely early, and I'm excited to now be participating in the ecosystem's progress from the front line.

As I looked to jump into crypto full time, it was clear that there was no better team to join than the one at Paradigm. The firm has done an incredible job supporting entrepreneurs by providing a potent mix of financial and intellectual capital to the community. Matt and Fred have consistently been able to attract the best talent in the space, and I couldn’t be more humbled to join such an incredible roster of colleagues.

At Paradigm I'll be investing across all stages as an Investment Partner, with a particular emphasis on later-stage companies. I look forward to supporting entrepreneurs in their vision of scaling applications and infrastructure to billions of users. If you are working on something you think I’d find interesting, feel free to email me at

As I begin this new chapter, I would like to thank the people who have supported me on my journey: Kris Fredrickson and Luca Schmid at Coatue, Shaan Tehal at Morgan Stanley, Erhan Soyer-Osman at Two Sigma, Jane Lippencott at a16z, Ethan Daly at Shine, Tina He at Station, Ben Simon at Mechanism, Zaheer Ebtikar at Split Capital, Derek Hsue at Reverie, and Hart Lambur at UMA.

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