Paradigm’s New Chief Technology Officer

Nov 24, 2021 | Matt Huang

Like many of our best decisions at Paradigm, the decision to hire Georgios Konstantopoulos in 2020 began in the spirit of experimentation.

We knew that great crypto/Web3 engineering talent was scarce. And we kept noticing an insanely brilliant and productive Greek engineer showing up as a consultant across our portfolio and coming up in conversations with engineers and researchers. We always love opportunities to work with special individuals even if they may not slot into a predetermined role, so we brought Georgios onto the team as our second Research Partner to keep doing what he does best: jumping in to help crypto/Web3 projects with their toughest engineering challenges.

In the time since, Georgios has become an essential member of the Paradigm team: contributing to the portfolio, publishing open source research, collaborating with the investment team to diligence and sponsor investments, building internal and open source software, tweeting about Rust/dapptools, and more.

Today, we are excited to announce Georgios as our new Chief Technology Officer. He will continue to be a Research Partner, publishing industry-leading work and helping out our portfolio (don’t panic!). But Georgios will now also:

  • Set Paradigm’s technical vision and strategy
  • Help our killer in-house engineering team grow
  • Drive and ship great internal software

Paradigm is itself a crypto/Web3 startup, and our technology needs are growing. Operating in a new market like crypto has required us to build a lot of proprietary software. This includes systems that help us manage our finance and operational needs, as well as crypto-native tools for trading, voting, staking, minting NFTs, and otherwise participating on-chain.

When we envision how Paradigm will evolve over the next ten years, it seems obvious that technology will play a larger and larger role. We can think of nothing more appropriate than Georgios taking a leadership role in helping us build towards this future.

If you are an engineer who’d like to join the technical team at Paradigm or somewhere in our portfolio, please reach out!

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