Joining Paradigm

Jan 06, 2022 | Sudhanshu Mishra

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and the rest of the Paradigm team on their quest to build the premier crypto and Web3 investment firm. As a builder at heart, I’ll be focused on early-stage investments and look forward to working closely with founders in a way that only Paradigm can.

My journey in crypto began in 2014 when MIT offered each of its undergraduate students $100 worth of Bitcoin for free as an experiment. And in full transparency, I was a skeptic. I often found myself saying, “I believe in blockchain, not Bitcoin.” But over the years, my mind changed as I took more courses in blockchain, started investing in crypto assets, and read essays by people like Matt.

After graduating from MIT, I worked at Uber as a product manager in San Francisco and founded an insurtech startup that was accepted to Y Combinator. But in a twist of fate, a family emergency took me back home to Bangalore and I ended up on the other side of the table as an early-stage investor at Sequoia India. It was there that I finally jumped into the crypto rabbit hole and partnered with founders working across DeFi protocols, DAO tools, NFT games, and more. As I dove deeper into crypto and Web3, I came to admire Paradigm’s unique approach of pairing capital with technical expertise and eventually realized there was no better place to be.

Today, I’m seeing many of my smartest friends from Web2–several of whom started off as skeptics as well– building in Web3. While some are drawn to the unique technical challenges of decentralized applications, others are inspired by the opportunity to permissionlessly reinvent the building blocks of society like I was, from creating an open and fairer financial system to rewiring the way the internet is governed. No matter where you are in the world or in your transition from Web2 to Web3, if you’re working on something I might find interesting, please feel free to reach out to me at

My journey so far would not have been possible without the help of a few key people: Shailesh Lakhani from Sequoia, Professor Bengt Holmstrom from MIT, Aaron Berger from Uber, and my best friends Arjun Gandhi, Apurva Shrivastava, and Sam Huang. The biggest thanks goes to Sam for pushing me to buy my first bitcoin and ether and most importantly, for being an incredible friend.

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