Joining Paradigm

Feb 16, 2022 | Transmissions11

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Paradigm as a Research Engineer to help Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and the rest of the elite team build the world’s best crypto-native investment firm.

From the moment I started my journey into the nascent Ethereum ecosystem, I noticed Paradigm at the forefront. Dan’s cutting-edge AMM research, Georgios’ best-in-class open-source tooling, samczsun’s record-breaking whitehats, and Dave’s brilliant mechanism designs, all made Paradigm stand out as the place where top-tier researchers and engineers go to push the boundaries of what’s possible with others at the top of their field.

My primary focus will be on contributing to the thriving open-source crypto ecosystem, continuing to build out the tooling & primitives that will power the future of web3, including Solmate. I’ll also be working closely with our portfolio companies to help them ship secure, fast, and elegant code. If you’re working on something exciting, reach out at or nerd-snipe me on Twitter!

Thank you to all the friends, co-workers, and crypto-twitter companions who have supported me throughout this wild journey, notably: Jai Bhavnani, Joey Santoro, Jack Lipstone, David Lucid, Jet Jadeja, Sharad Shekar, Jack Longarzo and the countless other talented Tribe DAO contributors. I loved every minute working with you all and am forever grateful.

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