Joining Paradigm

Apr 27, 2022 | Tal Broda

I’m thrilled and humbled to announce that I’m joining Fred, Matt, Alana, Georgios, and the rest of the Paradigm team as VP of Engineering. I am looking forward to helping build a world-class investment firm for crypto and Web3.

I bought my first bitcoin in 2015 and have continued to invest and follow the space closely ever since. Recent developments in L1 & L2 blockchains, DeFi and Web3 apps, and the advent of NFTs and DAOs made it clear to me that we are facing a generational change in how we transact financially, how we build and deploy apps, and how we establish and track ownership of both physical and virtual goods. Some might call it a paradigm shift (no pun intended).

I'm coming to Paradigm after spending the last four years in Chicago, building and running the platform team at Citadel Securities. At Citadel Securities, my teams were responsible for architecting, building, and delivering modern, scalable, and highly available platforms which provided the foundation for the firm’s systems. We partnered with all desks and global businesses, in both Citadel (a leading asset manager founded in 1990 and managing over $35B, and Citadel Securities (a leading global market maker across a broad array of fixed income and equity products). During my time at the firm, I had the privilege to immerse myself in the fast-moving world of finance and to help scale our businesses, by applying innovative technology, to form a real competitive advantage.

When I researched the space and talked to friends who have been working in crypto for a while, Paradigm kept coming up as the most forward-thinking and respected venture capital firm, by entrepreneurs and investors alike. Built differently from the ground up, Paradigm is not just taking a fresh view on how to support and serve its portfolio companies, but also applying a new approach to how to design and build a venture firm to support its mission. Disrupting an incumbent industry, especially as established as the venture capital one, requires a new company architecture. This is exactly what Paradigm is doing, across all relevant dimensions, and with an exclusive focus on crypto.

At Paradigm, I will be leading a talented team of engineers, and together we are going to build solutions to address the needs of our investment, research, operations, and finance teams. Our job is to empower everyone around us at Paradigm with accurate, rich, and timely information to accelerate informed decision-making, and continue leading in cutting-edge crypto research. We also intend to continue and expand our support for our portfolio companies and the crypto community as a whole, with tools, services, and platforms that push the state-of-the-art forward.

I had a chance to witness the internet revolution of the 90s, and the mobile revolution of the 2000s. Crypto is on a similar accelerated adoption curve, by some measures even steeper and more profound than the internet and mobile ones. It is also evident that we are just getting started, and there is so much we are going to need to build together, to make what’s now possible a reality. If you are an engineer that finds the above challenges intriguing, or if you are working on a project and think we can collaborate, please reach out ( I’d love to talk.

As I take on this new and exciting challenge, I’d like to thank the people who believed in me and challenged me to get to this point: Ken Griffin, Peng Zhao, and Nawaf Bitar at Citadel, Florian Leibert and Will Freiberg at Mesosphere, Thomas Kurian at Oracle, and Ken Gardner and Tom Lounibos at SOASTA. I wouldn’t be here without their mentorship and guidance, and I’m lucky to have met and worked with them.

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