Joining Paradigm

May 19, 2022 | Caitlin Pintavorn

In 2006, I was spending my days after elementary school on Club Penguin. By 2020, I was spending the entirety of my college days on Zoom. I was born into and grew up on the internet, and have held a front-row seat in watching our collective attention increasingly shift from physical to digital spaces.

When the pandemic forced the entire world to turn virtual, I wandered around the internet in search of community. I found mine in Crypto Twitter and Discord servers, where my smartest IRL and URL friends were coming together to develop DeFi primitives, design NFTs, and launch nearly constitution-acquiring DAOs. The energy and creativity around building in crypto was magnetic, and led me to meet with hundreds of founders during my time as an investor at Insight Partners. While I initially came into the space for the people, I've stayed because I believe in crypto’s long-term potential to change the way we coordinate and interact for the better.

I feel fortunate to be able to continue my journey down the rabbit hole in my new role as an Investment Associate at Paradigm. Matt and Fred have built a unique culture in finding and attracting the best crypto talent from every corner of the internet. From Sam’s on-chain investigations, to Georgios’ development of Foundry, to Arjun’s explorations of crypto market structures, the team has been laying the bedrock for builders to create generational companies and protocols. In many ways, Paradigm is the community I've long been searching for.

At Paradigm, I'll be partnering with founders across all stages and sectors. I’m joining at an inflection point in crypto’s trajectory, as it journeys from niche to mainstream, and I hope to help founders turn their ideas into enduring realities. Whether you’re thinking about or actively building something, I'd love to meet you. You can reach me at or on Twitter @caitlinxyz.

Thanks to those who’ve been there along the way: Deven, Erhan, Anna, and Megan for showing me how to distinguish between signal and noise; Evan, Danny, Darren, Daryl, and Cindy for being my crypto go-to’s; Mark, Will, Bill, Kais, and Stephen for being thoughtful sounding boards.

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