Paradigm Fellowship

May 25, 2022 | Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, Dan Robinson, Doug Feagin

Today, we’re announcing the Paradigm Fellowship: a program for young, ambitious crypto-minded talent who are looking to learn, grow, and build.

At Paradigm, we want to work with the brightest minds in crypto. This has led us to hire or partner with several young engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs who have gone on to play an instrumental role in Paradigm’s contribution to crypto. We’re excited to deepen Paradigm’s role in supporting the next generation of crypto talent with the Paradigm Fellowship.

The Fellowship is designed to create a small community of the best and brightest young crypto talent and connect them with all the resources that Paradigm has to offer. Fellows can come from any background. From software engineers to creatives, we want the Fellowship to combine a range of complementary perspectives on the future of crypto.

Specifically, the Fellowship will include:

  • Summer Retreat. Spend a few days in the Paradigm office in San Francisco. Travel, accommodation and a small stipend for expenses to be provided by Paradigm.
  • Speaker Series. A series of fireside chats with the Paradigm team and other notable members of the crypto community, during the retreat
  • Mentorship. Receive guidance from the Paradigm team in whatever you’re pursuing
  • Community. Fun social activities with your cohort and a lifelong community in crypto

Applications are open today! We will be accepting Fellows on a rolling basis (so apply early) with final applications due by June 15th. The application process will consist of an initial application followed by interviews with the Paradigm team. We look forward to reviewing your applications and speaking with you!

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