Chris Brummer
Scholar in Residence & Senior Advisor

Chris Brummer

Chris Brummer is a Scholar in Residence and Senior Advisor at Paradigm. A Georgetown law professor and author, Chris has lent his expertise to policymakers, founders, startups, and nonprofits around the world grappling with some of the most challenging puzzles facing innovation, regulation, and inclusion. Chris graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis, earned a Ph.D from the University of Chicago and graduated from law school with honors from Columbia. A frequent speaker and lecturer, Chris was asked to deliver the keynote speech for the SEC’s Black History celebration in 2021.

Written by Chris

DAO Strategy and Legal Wrappers

One of the important features of Web3 is the way in which blockchain-based technology enables individuals to organize themselves in novel arrangements to make problem solving potentially more creative, efficient []

by Chris Brummer, Rodrigo Seira on Jun 08, 2022

Joining Paradigm

I’m delighted to announce that I’m joining Paradigm as a Scholar in Residence and Senior Advisor, working with Fred, Matt, and the rest of the team as they tackle some []

by Chris Brummer on Dec 09, 2021