Fred Ehrsam
Co-Founder & General Partner

Fred Ehrsam

Fred Ehrsam is co-founder and General Partner at Paradigm. Previously, Fred co-founded Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency company in the US, and held the role of President from 2012 to 2017. Fred purchased his first Bitcoin in 2011 and has been an angel investor in some of the space’s most formative companies. Prior to Coinbase, Fred was a foreign exchange trader at Goldman Sachs in New York. Fred holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Economics with honors and departmental distinction from Duke University.

Written by Fred

Paradigm Fellowship

At Paradigm, we want to work with the brightest minds in crypto. The Paradigm Fellowship is for that next generation of crypto talent. []

by Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, Dan Robinson, Doug Feagin on May 25, 2022

Creators, Communities, and Crypto Part II

This post originally appeared on Almost exactly one year ago, Jesse Walden, Blake Robbins, and I speculated about the future of Creators, Communities, and Crypto. Little did we know all []

by Fred Ehrsam on Jun 23, 2021

Surviving Crypto Cycles

Originally sent as a private note to portfolio companies: PDF Founders, In the first 2 months of 2021, crypto prices have already doubled and continue to hit new all-time highs. Bitcoin has []

by Fred Ehrsam on Mar 15, 2021

The Future of NFTs

The future of NFTs and what that means for creators, developers, and communities. With Blake Robbins and Reed Duchscher (manager of MrBeast). Listen here: Apple | Spotify Transcript Reed: \[00:00:00\] Hey! Welcome back []

by Fred Ehrsam on Mar 05, 2021

Governance Minimization

"THE BEST GOVERNMENT IS THAT WHICH GOVERNS LEAST" — UNKNOWN Those who read my blockchain governance post from 2017 know I was excited about crypto exploring different forms of governance, especially []

by Fred Ehrsam on Oct 28, 2020

Crypto-native Insurance

Crypto-native insurance - on-chain insurance covering protocols and DAOs - has the potential to be the next big financial primitive in DeFi. The market size could be enormous and the []

by Fred Ehrsam on Aug 11, 2020

Creators, Communities, and Crypto

Digital creators have exploded. They are increasingly looking for ways to grow, engage, and monetize their followings. Internet-native communities have also exploded. reddit’s communities have gone from obscure to mainstream. Both []

by Fred Ehrsam on Jun 17, 2020