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Transmissions is a Research Associate at Paradigm. Transmissions works to push the effiency frontier of smart contracts by developing optimized libraries and primitives. He is also interested in intepreting and programmatically steering large language models. He currently attends high school in California.

Written by Transmissions11

Blend: Perpetual Lending With NFT Collateral

Blend is a peer-to-peer perpetual lending protocol that enables lending against arbitrary collateral with no oracle dependencies. []

by Galaga, Pacman, Toad, Dan Robinson, Transmissions11 on May 01, 2023

Open Sourcing the Art Gobblers Smart Contracts

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Art Gobblers smart contracts are open source and available on our Github repo. []

by Frankie, Transmissions11, Dave White, Justin Roiland on Sep 20, 2022

Art Gobblers

Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory owned by aliens. As artists make cool art, Gobblers gains cultural relevance, making collectors want the art more, incentivizing artists to make cooler art. It's also an on-chain game. []

by Dave White, Frankie, Transmissions11 on Sep 13, 2022

GOO (Gradual Ownership Optimization)

GOO aligns fungible and non-fungible token incentives. []

by Dave White, Frankie, Transmissions11 on Sep 06, 2022

Variable Rate GDAs

Variable Rate GDAs (VRGDAs) enable selling tokens close to a targeted schedule by adjusting prices as sales get ahead of/behind it. []

by Transmissions11, Frankie, Dave White on Aug 24, 2022

Joining Paradigm

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Paradigm as a Research Engineer to help Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and the rest of the elite team build the world’s best []

by Transmissions11 on Feb 16, 2022