Achal Srinivasan
Design Collaborator

Achal Srinivasan

Achal is Design Collaborator at Paradigm, working with the firm, the portfolio, and the community to solve emerging design problems. Before this, Achal was the first design hire at Paradigm, and spent his formational years supporting notable early-stage teams like dYdX with brand & product design strategy.

Written by Achal

Frog, Framework for Farcaster Frames

Frog is a free, open-source framework for Farcaster Frames that enables developers to build high quality, performant, and lightweight frame endpoints in just a few blocks of code. []

by Achal Srinivasan, Georgios Konstantopoulos, awkweb, jxom on Feb 28, 2024

Introducing Rivet

Rivet is a developer wallet & tools, akin to React DevTools. It enables developers to inspect, debug, modify, and manipulate the state of Ethereum. []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos, Achal Srinivasan, Tom Meagher, Jake Moxey on Aug 26, 2023

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